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Time for Democrats to accept reality

Democrats have been living in a fantasy world since the clock struck midnight after November 8, 2016. Rather than accept reality and the results of historic victory of Donald Trump over Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonClinton campaign chief: Mueller report 'lays out a devastating case' against Trump Hillicon Valley: Cyber, tech takeaways from Mueller report | Millions of Instagram passwords exposed internally by Facebook | DHS unrolling facial recognition tech in airports | Uber unveils new safety measures after student's killing Heavily redacted Mueller report leaves major questions unanswered MORE in the last presidential election, Democrats decided to clutch to conspiracy theories.

The first fantasy was that the election was tainted by “fake news.” When that backfired, because after all it was the liberal media that had to apologize for its biased coverage leading to the election, the narrative had to change. Democrats settled on another conspiracy theory, hand woven by the Clinton campaign, and deeply entrenched within the Obama Justice Department led by collusion truthers.

It could not be that their unlikeable, untrustworthy, inauthentic candidate, dogged by decades of scandals, who never bothered to campaign in Wisconsin had fairly and resoundingly lost to a man who connected with the forgotten men and women of this country with a clear and strong agenda. Democrats had to find a new scapegoat. They claimed that Vladimir Putin plotted to “subvert an election” and Russia “helped swing it” towards Trump. We have been living in their fantasy world where every single thing revolves around Russia ever since President Trump won more than two years ago.

Democrats and the left-wing pundits concocted a conspiracy where Donald Trump was a “Russian asset” and “compromised” by Putin.  The reality: President Trump is tougher on Russia than Barack Obama, who had a “flexible” relationship with the Kremlin. And after an exhaustive review, the special counsel found no collusion. The report states the “investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

Democrats live in a fantasy world where words can lose all meaning. The Obama administration was not “spying” on the Trump campaign when it sent covert informants to probe three Trump aides, tapped phones, and issued a “secret warrant to surveil.” Perhaps Democrats just have a different experience in the use of words. The reality is that spying did occur, and the investigators need to be investigated.

Before this president was even sworn in, Democrats sought to undermine him with their wild conspiratorial notions, aided by a media all too happy to spread false stories, promote fiction, and publish unverifiable materials. The Russia conspiracy saw many faces. First “collusion.” Then, when it was clear there was no evidence, the narrative changed to “obstruction.” Never mind, it is within the full executive authority of the president to fire James Comey, a man highly criticized by both parties for his numerous improper actions while FBI Director including inserting himself into the 2016 election.

It was not just the 2016 election results the Democrats refused to accept. They undermined the results of no collusion found by the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation. They undermined the results (once again, no collusion) of the House Intelligence Committee investigation. They undermined the results of the inspector general investigation finding misconduct by FBI officials at the highest level who vowed to “stop” Trump from becoming president.

Why would they stop now? Democrats are now undermining the results of the Mueller report and the findings of no collusion from a special counsel, who they once elevated to sainthood. The conspiracy wheels will keep turning, the smears will keep coming, because it is all the Democrats have left. They cannot win on the issues, they cannot win on the record of accomplishments of this president, and they cannot win on the economy that continues to sizzle.

It is time to accept reality. It is time to connect the dots that the American people voted for Donald Trump because of his promises he is now keeping. He is your duly elected president.

Elizabeth Harrington is the national spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee. You can follow her updates on Twitter @LizRNC.

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